Sitting back & struggling..

How do you as a child sit back and expect your parents to clean up your life choices.

We have given money to both our kids when they were short on a bill or could not afford the bill at all, such as rent and phone bills for instance. Turned out they ended up spending that money on other things except the bill it was meant for. So we ended up having to essentially pay one month rent bill twice, to this day we still do not know what the first amount of rent money was spent on. Even after our trust was betrayed with the use of the money we have still assisted with paying their bills. Now though, we make sure the money gets to the company that the money is owed to.

We gave both our children a car to drive. In the end neither one of them followed the steps necessary to keep the car. One lost the car in an accident with no car insurance and the other lost the car due to several accidents and not being able to maintain it. Even though maintenance would not have cost a thing. If the cars had been used responsibly and one of them broke down we would have been happy to loan a car so they could get around while the car was in the shop.

Both the kids have needed a place to stay on several occasions. We have taken both of them in at one time or another. Neither one was able to abide by the rules of the house. So it would be nice to be able to allow them to stay at the house if they needed to, but it would just be to stressful due to the aforementioned reason.