Rules of the GAME...

Greeting Kids,

Did you ever think about the game of life? It really is just a game with rules that need to be followed if you want to be successful. At least by “game” standards anyway. Your parents did have a plan that would of helped you master these rules. Turns out you were not ready to play the game at that time of your life. Now here we are a few years later, and I am wondering if you are ready to play the game of life yet?

If you are, we will be more than happy to help you master the rules of the game. If you can master just a few of the rules you can learn how to bring in income, get your own car and all the things that are needed with it, get your own place to live, have a cell phone with service and have electricity at your residence, just to name a few.

When you are ready to elevate your life (once again, at least according to the game) please let us know.

Remember, its all about just following some basic rules. Kind of like a video game, master the rules of the video game and you can do well in it. Same goes for the game of life, master the rules and your living situation could be better.

Let us know if you are interested in getting some assistance in mastering some of the game of life rules. They probably are not as hard as you think.

Love you both. Hope to hear from you soon.