Tiny house

Here is what needs to be done for the house to be “finished”

  1. [DONE] Retrieve the door on the side of the big house.

  2. [DONE] Fix the grout in the shower of the tiny house.

  3. [DONE] Repair and paint the holes in the side of the house that the demolition crew left when they tore down the cover.

  4. [DONE] Paint the dirt stains on the side of the house that occurred from lack of gutters at the time.

  5. Fix the kitchen cabinet door to align with the kitchen drawer. The drawer did not have to be moved over quite so far as it is. It just needed to move a little bit to allow room for the oven door.

  6. [DONE] Remove the stains on the bathroom floor.

  7. [DONE] Remove the "gritty” stuff on the kitchen and bathroom counter tops.

  8. Fix the rain gutter that is not attached properly to the tiny house anymore since the demolition crew.

  9. The dirt out back was taken but the dirt out in front of the gate was not. It needs to be leveled off out in front of the gate.

  10. [DONE] Mount the shower and toilet paper roll grab bars.

  11. Not sure what you can do about this but an electrician has informed us that our electrical panel is over loaded. We were never informed that when you hooked power up to the tiny house from that panel that it would be overloaded. Shouldn’t the capacity have been accounted for? Since I don’t want the panel to burn up I have started the process to fix it. The City is coming out to check the power coming into the house. Are they going to be concerned about what you guys did? Also what can you do to assist with fixing this issue?