Hello V*******.  Hope you are able to see this post OK.  You sent me a message asking "Why does it suddenly matter to you how I'm dong?"

Lets talk about "suddenly" for a second.  This is not a sudden thing.  We are always concerned how you are doing.  I think about you and your brother most every day, wondering how you are doing,  Wondering what the heck I might be able to do to help your situation be a little bit better.

Maybe a better question might be why am I trying to suddenly communicate with you.  Well as you know I apparently destroyed you know who's life when I attempted to find out more about how he was doing.  Ever since that incident I try really hard to honor your and his request.  To paraphrase a little you said that you essentially wont be communicating with us and you wont be wanting anymore assistance. 

So I was surprised when you responded to one of my many text.  I thought that maybe we can start communicating again.  So I have been trying to find out how some things are going in your corner of the world.  So you shared a few things and that was great to learn some of the goings on in your life.

In an effort to keep communication going I was hoping to find out some more about whats going on in your life.  So I asked about your residence, since I heard some rumors.  If you would like to share where you reside than great.  If you don't than that is OK too.. 

In the end please remember that we never stopped caring about what is gong on in your life and we still love you. 

I am not sure what your goals are at this time.  Are you interested in getting a car?  Your own place to live?  A new phone?  I am not going to assume what you want to attain.  If you would like to share what goals you are attempting maybe we can help you attain them somehow.

Thanks for reading this.  Hope to hear from you again soon.    Love you...