Property Tax

I tried paying my property tax bill on the 12th of October. I went in with a check and $195 in coins. The coins were a combination of $1 coins and quarters. I did not think that was to terrible of me. Turns out they don’t have to take any coins. I thought it was just pennies they could refuse, but its all of them. I am guessing its because of this that they do that:

2502. Legal tender, etc. Taxes may be paid in legal tender or in money receivable in payment of taxes by the United States. The tax collector shall have the right to refuse the payment in coins of property taxes, penalties and interest, and any other charges associated with the payment of property taxes.

Since they wont take coins I am going to do an experiment with checks. I have written several checks with tiny amounts on them. Ranging from 1 cent to 16 cents. I am wondering if they can refuse my small checks. If they cant refuse my checks, I am thinking I am really going to have fun with them next year.