The new world order...


After running away again, the old deal that you think you have no longer exist.  You always say your are not V!@#$%^ (name hidden so as not to embarrass people to much).  However you have done pretty much what he has done.  Because of this your parental units have decided to give you the same deal that V!@#$%^ has.  We will go ahead and pay for your college, but its a reimbursement arrangement.   That means you get yourself enrolled, take the classes, pass the classes, then show your parents the official school transcript and your receipts.  Then we will reimburse you for the expenses that you incurred for the semester/quarter.

As you have said many times before, "I'm leaving when I am 18...", we need you to do this.  You have until 9/17 to find yourself a place to live.  We will once again give you the V!@#$%^ deal.  If your new place can't take all your stuff initially we will put it in storage for you and pay for it for 12 months.

We do wish you well in your future endeavors and like V!@#$%^ would love to hear whats going on in your life and have you over for visiting and holidays.